Big Oscar the Nth

Big Oscar the Nth

"your dishonor was his profit. he matters not."
— 'a friend'

Big Oscar the Nth is the boss encountered halfway through the Piratenbase.


You will fight Big Oscar once you enter the insides of the ship. Surprisingly in the room you will see several mainframes in one corner, and posters posted all over the walls with pictures of the band members and some with the caption "THEFT IS NOT A CRIME." This is probably where it hits you that these must be digital pirates, which explains why some of the enemies fought previously don't look anything like the average pirate.

Here you will see Big Oscar typing at his computer until he notices you and begins the boss battle. He is seen as a hacker.


Big Osar will be aided by pirates as you fight him, they could get annoying, but you can also kill them for weapons. There are axes, guns, and flammable barrels in the room, it would be best to use the flammable barrels against Big Oscar instead of the pirates. Big Oscar is able to perform a mindbonking breath ability similar to the Shambling Lunatic's, it is recommended that the player stay away from him when he's doing this and to use the guns nearby or your Anar-Chi  for long ranged attacks so you do not get hit. Other than that, Oscar also has this move that can be easily avoided wherein he floats on one foot to deliver a kick, his hazy mindbonking breath usually follows after this.


  • A digital pirate is someone who uploads or downloads content (usually paid content) made by someone else for free. This is frowned upon since the creator of the original content would not gain any money from what he/she has made even when everyone gets whatever original thing they were selling, and thus, "theft."
  • This may be an inside joke of Ska Studios to a certain Russian hacker who reversed engineered their game, The Dishwasher Vampire Smile, for the PC and gave it away without their consent. This same Russian hacker has recently reverse engineered Charlie Murder for the PC for himself.
  • The Floating Kick is probably a move to show how nerdy he is since it's usually used in cheesey kung-fu films.