The world of Charlie Murder is riddled with many locations that the player can explore. This is a full list of all the locations in the game the player can fast travel to via world map in the order they are traversed.
World map example

World Map view of Witt's Oak Yard with Lester, Kelly, Rex and Charlie

  1. The Netherlands
  2. Art Street
  3. O'Flanagan's Alley
  4. Ink of Rage
  5. BogoMart
  6. St. Sander's Cemetery
  7. Derelict Crypt
  8. The Sasquatch Museum
  9. Gor'Castle Parks
  10. Gor'Castle Gift Shop
  11. Gor'Castle Ink 4 Kidz (tattoo shop)
  12. Gor'Castle Summit
  13. Gor'Castle Parks Exit
  14. Piratenbase
  15. Murder you tattoo (tattoo shop)
  16. Needle Beach
  17. Hermit's Refuge Cave
  18. Kermie's Creation Tattoo (tattoo shop)
  19. Camp Falconbats
  20. Witt's Oak Yard
  21. Direblade Plaza
  22. The Forbidden Quill (tattoo shop)
  23. MemeBeans Cafe
  24. Taco Basura
  25. Brinelake Dock
  26. Mallrus Road Exit
  27. Mallrus Shopping World
  28. 7th Level Magic Users Tattoo
  29. Forbidden Lot
  30. Dive's End
  31. Live Devil Amusement Park