Proto Coffee is a reccuring shop in the world of Charlie Murder.


Proto Coffee's first appearance in the game is in the background of Art Street, however you cannot enter it so you can only see its exterior. Mark, a listener of Grok Rock Radio, mentions that he was in a coffee shop in Art Street when he saw Charlie Murder get beat by Gore Quaffer that night, he was most likely talking about Proto Coffee since it can be seen from where you've been revived by paramedics.


  • Art Street - The Proto Coffee in Art Street is only in the background, therefore, you cannot enter it.
  • Mallrus - Head far right of the Mallrus Exit Road and you will find a street full of different shops and stores, along that street you will find a Proto Coffee cafe. In this cafe, once you enter there will be an entertainer with a ukalele that starts singing the song Charlie Murderin', which was apperantly made by a guest artist, Chainsaw. Here, you can also buy different drink for your stats and health.


  • In the Proto Coffee near Mallrus, all of the furniture there can be turned into collectable "props" with the Silver Hammer relic.
  • In the Proto Coffee near Mallrus, a cameo of what is believed to be Ska Studios alumni, Dustin Burg, can be seen sitting on a couch next to someone who looks similar to Paul Bitterman.