Sasquatch as he appears

The Sasquatch is the bullet hell boss encountered on the way to Gor'Castle Parks after passing by the Sasquatch museum.


The Sasquatch's primary mode of attack is flinging a house upward from beneath the clouds. It will be aimed at you, so one of the best ways to stay safe is to start high and move lower once the house is airborne. Staying too high up the screen however leaves you vulnerable to the rain of ninjas.

Sasquatch robot

Robo-Sasquatch shooting skulls

After depleting 1/2 of the Sasquatch's health, his flesh will peel off and reveal a robot beneath the behemoth. Gameplay-wise, this switches his house-leveling attack with a projectile weapon. He'll shoot flaming skulls that simultaneously spread out from his robotic arm. The Sasquatch's skulls aren't aimed at the player at all but they're still difficult to dodge because it will still be raining ninjas for the duration of the fight. Now's the time to keep low to avoid the projectiles and the ninjas as you shoot continously until you beat him.

Characters and Guns Edit

Each character has their own distinct firearm for this special boss.