The potato is a randomly spawning "enemy" that can occur in any stage/level.
The Potato

The Potato.


Potatoes are small enemy spuds with arms and legs. They wear top hats and sport mustaches. They will only show up if there are at least two low level enemies, or one boss, regardless of lower levels. When one appears, it will frantically run around the screen, not attacking the player at all. The potato has two bars of health, a yellow and a red and they are easy to deplete. Potatoes are affected by Stasis and some Anar-Chi, such as Evil Eye, Iron Maiden, and Mindbork. All but Iron Maiden will make taking down the Potato quicker.

The potato will drop a random piece of gear when defeated. If the player fails to kill the potato/ignores him for a certain amount of time, he will tip his hat and despawn by ascending into the sky.

I'm a potato

The graffiti in the bathroom. The word harmless can be barely seen below the drawing

Interestingly, as seen in the first bar near Art Street, when you have to go into the bathroom to retrieve a grenade to destroy the wall of tables and stools, there is graffiti of the potato. It mentions how someone has been 'turned into the potato.' This suggests that at one point, the potato was human. Seeing as how there is more than just one potato the player can encounter in the game, it's safe to assume that a lot of people around the world have mysteriously been turned into potatoes


  • There is no guarantee the item dropped will be stronger than the one the player has equipped. So unless the player needs cash or has alarmingly subpar gear, there is no point in beating up the potato.
  • The Potato can cause some damage, as it has been seen running into a destroyable feature, resulting in it breaking. This does not seem to affect players or enemies.