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Kelly standing in front of the entrance of the Sasquatch Museum

The Sasquatch Museum is the shop right after St. Sander's Cemetery. It is also marked as a shop in the world map.


The Sasquatch Museum is a wooden cabin you find after passing St. Sander's Cemetary. It not only has a shop that sells food and clothing but a brew station as well.

Other things inside the shop are...

  • A plethora of tiny Sasquatch plushies.
  • A female clerk sporting a Sasquatch headgear.
  • A giant Sasquatch displayed on the background

Constant ItemsEdit


  • Mostly food


  • There is a billboard of the Sasquatch Museum in the background near the entrance of St. Sander's Cemetary
  • Among the many sasquatch plushies is a snappable relic called the Dish Plush which give 50% rare loot, this is a reference to one of Ska Studios' actual mechendises for their Dishwasher games

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