Charlie, Lester & Rex fighting zombies in Art Street

Zombies are the standard low-level enemy. They appear in just about every location and there are multiple types of them.


Zombies in Charlie Murder are generally no different from the typical zombie seen in other media. They are mindless, slow-moving undead corpses that feed off the innards and guts of any living thing they bump into. Sometimes the player will actually see this in action. They can be seen eating from a recently downed corpse; They will not notice you unless provoked in this situation. If there is a brain from a defeated enemy lying on the ground, a Zombie will occasionally come along,  pick it up and eat it.

The fact that they are often dressed to match the location suggests that these zombies are reanimated corpses from the apocalypse, and not from cemetries and the such. It is also said that Gore Quaffer is responsible for summoning the undead and causing the zombie apocalypse in the first place because of Paul Bitterman's grudge on Charlie.

Curiously, despite being undead with no soul and proper bodily function taking place within them, they can still be afflicted with dark fire, poison and the "End Times" disease.




Zombie wearing blue shirt

The lowliest of all enemies, their kind can be seen immediately once the player resurfaces from the Netherlands and up to Art Street. Zombies can pick up weapons left about on the ground. Some zombies -- such as former police officers -- will even bring their own weapons to the fray at times, with the aforementioned police zombie usually holding a pistol that they can actually use. When injured, zombies can heal themselves by devouring the brains of your fallen foes.

Stout ZombieEdit

The stout zombie appears a few zones after the player resurfaces into Art Street. The first stout zombie the player will see is in a fight against the vocalist of the Bullet Hell Hall band before being impaled into the electric pole nearby.

These types of zombies are more annoying than the average zombie. As seen in the fight between one and the vocalist, stout zombies know how to block. Furthermore, they know how to counter with a biting grab that will leave the player bleeding once they've taken the zombie off of them.

Acid ZombieEdit

Acid zombies first appear later on the game at Gor'Castle Parks Exit. Fighting these zombies close ranged would prove to be a challenge due to it being able to spew acid that can melt the player dead if trapped. They appear on screen either shirtless or with a hoodie, sometimes sprouting from the ground or holding a bladed hook on. Their acid attack can also damage other enemies and destructable objects in their immediate vicinity.